AIA does video on the web to grab adviser attention
Are independent financial advisers a doomed species?

Cavalcade of Risk!

Its been two whole long dry weeks when you've had to sniff out your own risky posts, and now, this is it - the Cavalcade of Risk. Drum roll please!

Premium Quality Risk Posts

I thought this How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? post was typical personal finance blurb - but a quick look revealed that it's a really good summation of the different methods of calculating the amount of cover. I was particularly impressed to see the human life value calculation brought in.For my money, this is premium!

A good pitch on the virtue of a little bit of self insurance - why you need an emergency fund.

Bread and Butter Risk Posts

David Williams asks, Is that Urinary Catheter really needed? Well, personally I'm going to be asking a lot of questions before anyone sticks one of those in me, so yes, this post about medical risks gets the big nod.

Nina Kallen covers a big award against reinsurers.

Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC presents Humana vs PPACA posted at InsureBlog.

Jason Shafrin presents EMR and Second Opinions posted at Healthcare Economist.This is a hot topic - especially with Sovereign Assurance, here in NZ offering the Best Doctors service. The issue is - how do you share medical records effectively?

This from Marketing Charts shows that the employees share or health insurance premiums is rising. Interesting.

Susan Howe submitted loads of posts - here they are: car insurance, bizarre claims, scams, (easily the best and most believable is the broken nose from ogling women), plus things you didn't know that are covered (my favourite, your stolen gun).

Neal Frankle presents Mortgage Unemployment Insurance ? What?s the Catch? posted at Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management Advice, Financial Stess Management, Addiction Recovery Plan & Resources.

Economist Insurance Posts

The Economist profile of Aviva, Britain's biggest insurer. Also, the same business newspaper on false health care claims in the US. They also dissect the failure of Prudential's Bid for AIA.


Honorable Mention

Why should you buy disability insurance covers the bases over at ChristianPF.

The agents sales journal has this on the state of Medicare. Hey, if Medicare was a state, which one would it be? California? You know, broke, but optimistic.

This post from budget snob nearly hit the bin instantly, but I had a quick look because the guy talked about how to blow $70,000 in 8 months (actually, I'd be quite pleased if I could just get my family down to that level of spend)  - but he did it buying web businesses, and you see, there's the risk - in buying businesses. So we'll let him sneak on through :-) 

This post by Darwin's Money is ostensibly about price gouging - and how it helps to bring resources to market, quickly. I am an amateur economist so I read this and loved it. Incidentially, there is a risk angle - in this case how anti-price gouging legislation makes our lives riskier (read the case study of the guy selling generators after Hurricane Katrina).

...and these...

Accident Consult are celebrating their 4th anniversary. I'd have given them a plug if they'd actually blogged anything about risk as opposed to an advert for their birthday. But it's in the right space - someone there should start blogging - meaning more than advertorial once a year - how about it?

The seven deadly sins of ETF investing made me laugh - is the first sin letting a verbose Catholic be your broker? ;-)

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Henry Stern over at Insureblog first got me into doing this, and I've read his blog most days for about the last two years. It's pretty much dominated by medical insurance posts - and the current upheavals being wrought upon the medical insurance markets throughout the United States by the ObamaCare programme, it's always been a good blog to stay in touch with. Three things you can do now:

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