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Great job, Russell! Funny, informative, clever and helpful - Bravo!

And thanks for mentioning the 2,296 Project, as well.

Great Cav!

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog

Thanks for including my post, and thanks for the fair review. While I fully believe in being properly insured with the right policies, unfortunately these other products would not likely suit most people.

I’m now at 8 articles in the series, and that may be the end of it. I would be interested in your opinions of the rest. http://canadianfinanceblog.com/category/insurance-you-can-do-without

Jaan Sidorov

The DMCB was remiss in alerting its readers that the Cavalcade of Risk Downunder was posted days back. Chatswood Consulting has a series of links to posts that deal with the management of risk, be it be it life, health, disability or business risks. Well worth the time!

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